Mental Health Support Groups in India That Can Help You Fight That Feeling of Low

It is okay to feel low, but it is not okay to handle it alone. Find mental health support groups in India that are there to encourage and support you.


2 days back, I met a friend after 7 months. Before this, the last time we met, we talked about life, the future, and personal lives. I could sense a certain discomfort in her voice. I still remember her trembling voice, and the way she tried to divert my attention toward how tasty the food is instead of discussing her career plan made me sense something was wrong. I did not want to make the situation even more agonizing for her, so I posed the question indirectly about how she is doing in terms of both physical and mental health. The utter silence that came after that said a lot more than words. 2 days ago, when I met her again, I could see the difference. I could figure out she was at ease. This time she opened up about it and shared that she was having anxiety and panic attack issues since last year. It took her courage to open up about it without fearing judgment, and she was more comfortable with herself than ever, and for this, she is thankful to the support group she has been a part of for the last 3 months. 

I am a UPSC aspirant and it hasn’t been easy for me. I started overthinking and that’s when I triggered anxiety. It was rough to deal with it all by myself. I still deal with it by myself but the difference is I have learned to talk about it and that has helped me a lot.” – Kanak Solanki 

She further adds, “It is very easy to succumb to the darkness, I was there myself. My people (support group) pulled me from there and I can safely say that I am in the grey area now, continuously walking towards the light.”

What are mental health support groups in India? 

In dictionary terms, it means a group of people gathering and discussing similar problems they go through. The talking and sharing of experiences make it easier to deal with them. But if we see it from a different perspective- it is a source of encouragement and motivation that most of us long for. You can relate to one another, you empathize with them instead of sympathizing, and most importantly, you let them know that you understand. This validation and support can do a lot for one’s mental health. 

Mental health support groups in India that can help you fight that feeling of low

Mental health red flags are easy to notice but hard to acknowledge. Feeling low is something that is considered normal. Yes, ups and downs are a part of life, but if the feeling of ‘low-liness’ is always there underneath, then something might not be right. Fret not, there are mental support help groups in India that can help you deal with this feeling.

Through Thick and Thin (TheMindClan)

As the name suggests, this mental health support group in India is a community that discusses and acknowledges day-to-day problems of one’s life before they become something big. The group focus on both prevention as well as healing. 

The Buddy Circle (Meetup)

Buddy circle is a mental health support group in India that narrows down its focus to three things. Positive growth, honest conversations, and socializing. The community can help you gain energy or provide you with a pep talk, whatever is needed. 

Conflict and Emotional Management Group (TheMindClan)

Healthy relationships take time, effort, and a lot of understanding. All of these can be daunting & might affect one’s mental health. This group understands that well. They help you foster healthy relationships without putting excruciating pressure on yourself. 

  • Website link 
  • Languages: English & Hindi 
  • Meetings: Weekly 
  • City: Gurugram and Delhi 

Stress Management Support group (Healing Studio)

Stress is the underlying cause of so many problems, both physical and mental. But it is also an essential component of human life. This group helps you in finding effective ways of dealing with stress and ensures that you do not exhaust yourself with all the stress. 

Work-Life Balance Group (TheMindClan) 

An unbalanced life can make one feel incompetent, eventually making one feel low. This group helps you cope with daily life and also in finding balance in it. 

  • Website link 
  • Language: English & Hindi 
  • Meetings: Weekly 
  • City: Delhi and Gurugram 

Mental health is much more than just feeling low. One can be dealing with many other problems, and we understand that. So here are the links to a few websites that can help you find specific mental health support groups in India. 

Hope these health groups help you find the support and community you need to reclaim your mental health and well-being and lead a happy and healthy life that you deserve so much!