This all started during our cool college days! It was 2012 – Imagine us among a bunch of folks attending multimedia classes at JMI in the capital city of incredible India, mingling with lots of new people in classrooms, canteen, playground, and having fun all around the campus! Most exciting days of life, the college days, you know.

That’s when the two of us, Khaalid and Faisal became friends and we started taking freelance projects just for the sake of our creative pursuit and put our college learning into practice. On top of that, we were earning extra pocket money! While working for different people and brands, we got the opportunity to bring some really good stories to life and be a part of creative events. We’ve always loved good stories but bringing them to life and seeing people getting inspired by those was altogether a different feeling. We bought into the power of good stories and said to ourselves: This is what we want to do!

Time flies. After having lots of learning, work, and fun in college, we came out as graduates. (BTW, cheers to that!) College was over but our love for good stories was not. And to keep bringing good stories to life, we ended up opening our own studio: THE ANTS!

Impact of climate change on mother earth.


Whenever we used to come across a group of ants, whether in a park or in our home kitchen, it always made us wonder how those tiny creatures can walk and work together in sync for a common cause – To collect food, bring that to their homes for their families, and create a happy world for their community! 
Seeing them work in harmony always inspired us and made us think that we human beings are also kinda ants in this big world who can walk together, and work together for a common purpose – To create a happier world for all of us. With that spirit, we chose to call ourselves “THE ANTS.”


At THE ANTS, we bring good stories and creative events to life. We believe in the power of good stories, to change lives for the better, to heal those who are suffering, to inspire those who are in desperation, and of course, to bring joy.
While we don’t aim to change the world with our stories, we do aim to bring a smile to your face and lighten up your heart with few good tiny tales, to let you have good times in our creative events, and create few joyful and memorable moments that you’d love to cherish for the rest of your life.

Find The Good

Whatever happens in life, we aspire to find the good in it. And eventually, we do find the good!


Choose Happiness

Things don’t always work out as we planned. We choose to take it as a challenge and be happy about the adventure to follow.

Be Humble Humans

We are just a tiny group of human beings in this big world of 8 billion! Ego is our enem


Care & Share

Life is better when we care about the people and things around us and share whatever we can.

Build A Community

Success happens when we have a community to share it with. Build a community around passion. Success follows.

Stay Learning

We are not know-it-all people! We make mistakes too. But we keep learning, growing, and making it right.


Dear friend, we’re so glad to e-introduce ourselves to you! Hope we real-meet you someday over a cup of coffee.


Faisal Naseem


Imran Haider

Writer, Director

Vishnu Goyal

Head of Digital