Etawah Tourism: Unveil the Scenic Paradise & Celebrate Diversity
From the convergence of Pachnada to the empathetic local hospitality, and habitants of wild species to ayurvedic retreatment, explore Etawah's paradise and unfold your next chapter in this World Tourism Day.
 Etawah Tourism: Unveil the Scenic Paradise & Celebrate Diversity

Etawah Tourism Unfold the diversity in the lap of nature’s beauty THE ANTS

Etawah Tourism Unfold the diversity in the lap of nature's beauty - THE ANTS
Etawah Tourism: Unfold the diversity in the lap of nature’s beauty – THE ANTS.

Etawah, the region situated in the western portion of Uttar Pradesh, is famous for having the confluence of Pachnada, Sindh, Pahunj, Kwari, Yamuna, and Chambal, where the rivers carry immense amounts of water while they together dance in flow across the region.

The mesmerizing views of Etawah feel like capturing a snapshot of your dreamy place. 

Because if you’re in Etawah, your mind will start to dance with the rhythm of dawdling dolphins in the confluence of rivers, spotting crocodiles in the tranquil waters, hearing the chirping sounds of local and migratory birds, and observing the swaying fishes in the deep waves.

Now, tell me, will you resist getting impulsive as soon as the breathtaking views of Etawah strike your mind? Probably not!

And if we want to do justice on World Tourism Day, then we can’t skip the region of Etawah that contains the biggest home of Asiatic Lions, Chital, a bear conservation center, Lion Safari, and more.

Well, I have a question for you: Do you know the history behind World Tourism Day? Umm, still thinking?

Wait, let me discuss. World Tourism Day technically started in 1980. However, the laws by the United Nations World Tourism Organization were adopted before that on 27 September 1970, the day marked as the anniversary.

As this law is nothing less than reaching a milestone in the field of World tourism, we celebrate this day every year together to make tourism more sustainable for all.

And the little-known fact? The father of world tourism, Thomas Cook, was himself the owner of a travel agency.

Now, what perspective has changed now and then in the tourism world?

Well, traditionally, tourism is a journey where you love to spend your leisure time in your comfort to experience mental satisfaction. 

But in today’s world, it’s approaching more towards setting up a business and uplifting opportunities for employment. 

Today, even in remote areas where there is less or no access to basic amenities, local administrations, and the public cooperate, joining hands together to facilitate proper facilities that are convenient enough for tourists from outside. This approach drives the business for the tourism industry and builds it more towards employment for the local folks.

The dolphin spotted in the confluence of Pachnada in Etawah
The dolphin spotted in the confluence of Pachnada in Etawah (Source: Etawah City).

Evolving trends of tourism in Etawah’s eye

Now, if we talk about our Etawah district, it has all on one platter, consisting of all three major forms of tourism, from domestic to national to international tourism. 

Surprisingly, the Etawah region consists of 8 out of 10 different types of tourism, and the strong impact they have together on the heart and soul is akin to a mirage in the desert, attracting its visitors.

Well, the 8 different types of tourism are mentioned below that you’ll surely love to explore:

  • The Lion Safari is an eco-tourism.
  • Beekeeping and Mustard cultivation of Chambal region as agro-tourism.
  • Pratapner and Sumer Singh Fort as Heritage Tourism.
  • Camping and rafting as adventure tourism.
  • Bhareswar temple as religious tourism.
  • Hot sand and cold sand baths, Panchkarma therapy as health tourism, which was recently initiated by the Ayurveda Department.
  • Saifai International Cricket Stadium in the form of sports tourism.
  • SP’s home district in the form of political tourism, etc.
Saifai International Cricket Stadium located in Etawah
Saifai International Cricket Stadium located in Etawah (Source: Mappls).

The emerging and evolving impact of Etawah tourism is no longer hidden. The combined efforts of Etawah’s local people, institutions, departments, and government officials from various sectors have started to work together, driving a large number of tourists to Etawah in the last 4 years.

Now, to discuss a rough figure of the number of visitors in today’s scenario, the first name that comes to mind is Pachnada, the area where the number has increased from 10 to 25 per day to 200 to 300, only on normal days. In the list, Bhareh temple is also counted due to its sudden increased number of visitors.

If we’re talking about tourism, then how can we forget its parallel industry, and that is hotels, which have flourished in the last 3 years for their comforting services? 

Especially the folks working in any national or international companies, who are eager to rejuvenate their mind and body, choose Etawah during holidays over traveling outside of this region.

To cater to the tastes of all generations, smart representatives from restaurants experiment with and employ versatile themes that actually attract a growing number of backpackers.

Etawah’s upliftment in the words of officials

Dr. Kamal Kumar Kushwaha, board member of Chambal Foundation, stated that their experimental approach was able to attract outsiders, especially for hot and cold sand baths, and the visitors enjoyed a lot in this Ayurvedic retreat program. The success pushed the hoteliers to meet the Ayurvedic department to discuss that they also want to provide such facilities as Panchakarma, etc., to their customers. 

Furthermore, he mentioned that they are keen to do some new and exciting experiments in this regard at their establishment. The reason behind this is mainly to attract people from around the world and facilitate them with a world-class Ayurveda experience.

He mentioned that only the service sector can efficiently provide top-notch facilities to these tourists. In his opinion, the service sector is the core of any business that can open up versatile dimensions. Well, thus not only do the local youth of Etawah get more opportunities for employment, but they also advance their overall lifestyle.

Another creator, Dr. Shah Alam Rana, managing trustee of Chambal Foundation, who organizes many programs in the Chambal valley, stated that the remote area of Chakranagar, where water bottles were not even available four years ago, now bustles with locals and outsiders in the evening. 

Now, in the rugged intersection of Hanumanthapura, you’ll get options to taste some delicious Chinese to South Indian dishes, or you can choose some burning tastes at chat pakoda stalls. Dr. Shah Alam believed that this increasing employment is only possible for the tourism industry.

Unfold the next chapter of Etawah with your story

Lion Safari of Etawah
Lion Safari of Etawah (Source: Etawah Lion Safari).

The theme of this World Tourism Day, ‘Tourism and Green Investments,’ given by the UNWTO, is absolutely appropriate. 

Why? Before restarting tourism at a pace, every parallel industry needs to rethink mitigating the risk of the devastating effects of losing Mother Nature. Further, they need to implement a well-crafted approach to invest in greenery for sustainable tourism in the future. And as tourists, we can contribute to it by practicing a cleaning maintenance approach.

Well, now I have a question for you: Would you like to experience the thrill of adventure within you? 

If yes, then your next chosen destination could be the treasures of Etawah.

Why? After reading the article, you already know that it has a mix of every taste, be it historical heritages and secret stories, local delicious cuisine, or its idyllic hospitality, Ayurveda resources, and stunning scenic beauty of nature.

What are you thinking? Let me guess. When will you unfold the next chapter with Etawah?

Don’t wait any longer. Until and unless we together take care of our heritage, and promote our area’s exclusivity on a global stage, it will not bring a positive value, and that’ll be too late. 

Just set your backpack, go, explore, and step into our pride, one of the best global destinations, Etawah.
And one last thing. Let’s share your story with us, THE ANTS, and let your story speak.

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