5 Habits That Help Me Stay Mentally Strong & Live Life Well
Unlock the power of your mind with 5 essential habits for mental strength and a fulfilling life. Gain insights for a happier, healthier you today!
 5 Habits That Help Me Stay Mentally Strong & Live Life Well

Apart from being physically strong, have you ever thought that being mentally strong is also as important as physical strength? When it comes to strength, all we think and hear is about being physically fit, strong, etc but developing mental strength is a vital part of maintaining the overall body.

Well personally, when it came to my mental health I always ignored it. I ignored how small changes and small habits or my behavior can change my mental health.

Later on, I noticed that due to these reasons my behavioral changes can be seen. I’ve been angrier sometimes, I don’t feel like doing anything.

All I used to think was negativity and demotivation and that’s when I got to know that being mentally strong is very important.

What is mental health?

According to my understanding, Mental health refers to your mental and psychological well-being. It refers to how you think, handle stress, behave, and feel. 

Mental health can be called strong only when you can balance your emotional resilience, think positively, be motivated, be able to maintain and handle stress, etc. 

Talking about mental health and taking care of it is not a thing that you should be ashamed of, as many people suffering from mental health issues may think that talking about this may create an image in the mind of the people that this boy/girl is ‘insane’, but that’s not the case now, thankfully. It’s very normal and open to talk about it and do things which make you happy and fit.

So now that you have a better understanding of what mental health is and why it’s important. Let me share with you ways that helped me stay mentally strong.

5 habits to stay mentally strong and live life well

In my mental health pursuit, I discovered many ways which help me to stay mentally strong! The following 5 are my favorites and I recommend you to try these for yourself and live your life well:  

Prioritize self care 

5 habits to stay mentally strong- prioritize yourself first - THE ANTS
Prioritize yourself first

Prioritizing and practicing self-care is one of the most effective things I found to keep myself happy. Self-care may include engaging in physical activities like exercising, doing yoga, and maintaining good hygiene. These all are physical care which help to stay fit physically and mentally.

Identifying your emotions and feelings and talking about them to your closest ones is the ultimate source of releasing instant happy feelings in your body. And once you do that, all of a sudden you feel that all your stress is released!

Mark Freeman giving quick tips to start meditation to calm yourself.

Go for a trip

5 habits to stay mentally strong pack your bag and go for a trip - THE ANTS
Pack your bag and go for a trip

Traveling and exploring the places you always wished to explore or revisiting places you love can help you stay fresh and happy.

Traveling with a group of friends is a great feeling but traveling alone is also one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever experienced in my life.

Being a nature lover, it has always been sparkling for me to walk around nature and take the fresh air in and breathe out all the stress.

For instance, I was stressed due to my upcoming results, and anxiety was making me go crazy! It was getting too tough to come out of that zone and live my vacation. So, I decided to go on a trek to leave all the stress behind and it was one of the best feelings I ever experienced.

So I highly recommend traveling and exploring places you like, to stay mentally strong and live life to the fullest.

Digital detox

Excessive use of mobile or laptop screens can affect your eyes and mind. Set a timer for using technology as excessive use of the internet can make you feel exhausted and stressed too.

Digital Detox can help you sleep better, improve productivity and overall mental health.

I always used to wake up and check my phone first, but as the days passed, I realized this habit was making me lazy and exhausted because the digital screen sucked a lot of my energy. So I changed this habit into making my bed first, having warm water, reading a motivational book, and making a to-do list for the day.

These habits to cut down my digital activity and spend more time pursuing something more useful now helps me to stay focused and avoid distractions.

Surround yourself with individuals who are good for your mental health

5 habits to stay mentally strong - Stay away from negative individuals - THE ANTS
Stay away from negative individuals. Image source – Pexels

As humans, we might not be able to tell whether a friend is healthy for us or harmful! 

To determine if you were truly pleased with them or whether they were only seeming to be a wonderful friend while actually being poisonous for you, you must examine every interaction you had with them. They must therefore be cut.

This aids in developing a deeper understanding of sincere individuals and allocating time accordingly.

People who don’t respect your accomplishments or encourage you aren’t really your friends; they might be anyone. The ultimate objective is to get rid of poisonous individuals and relationships so that you may work and live in a constructive atmosphere.

Even during difficult times, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating individuals will keep you going. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and people will help you develop your personality much more than negative ones will.

Always set specific goals for yourself and fly high

5 habits to stay mentally strong - set your individual goals and fly high - THE ANTS
Set your individual goals and fly high. Image source – Canva

Making a to-do list when I wake up has always been helpful to me. It enabled me to focus on my objectives without being sidetracked. SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals should be reachable and practical. 

Setting little goals and achieving them gradually can help you realize your larger life goals, in my opinion. Small goals can include developing your weak areas, practicing daily meditation, setting aside time for yourself, adopting a good outlook, etc.

Write down the specific steps you would take to accomplish your goal, the resources you would need, and how you would go about doing it. Keep your eye on your objectives and make sure you are hitting those benchmarks on a regular basis. If so, rejoice in it to keep oneself inspired.

Get ready to be mentally strong and live life to the fullest

5 habits to stay mentally strong- Spend quality time with your family - THE ANTS
Spend quality time with your family – ultimate guide to happiness

I can see how tough it could be for you to get out of that mindset and engage in all of these activities to live a good life, but all I can say is that you can make every day lovely and worthwhile by spending time with your loved ones.

We have a chance to improve every day, so why sit around, overthink things, and waste time when we can make every moment special?   

The phrase “Live life to the fullest because tomorrow may never come” has always inspired me to be joyful in life and treat each day as the best gift that God has ever given me.

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