Sandeep Kumar: Hard Work Pays Off – Maintain Consistency & Never Lose Hope
The oasis of success comes forth with hard work if you've the patience to see through it which is proved by the President & the founder of "RUBARU Group", Sandeep Kumar. We need to take lessons from his determination, passion, and perseverance. Will you?
 Sandeep Kumar: Hard Work Pays Off – Maintain Consistency & Never Lose Hope

Sandeep Kumar Hard Work Pays Off Maintain Consistency & Never Lose Hope

The oasis of success comes forth with hard work if you’re patient enough to see through it, and the President and Founder of RUBARU Group Mr. Sandeep Kumar have proven so.

When it’s too easy to settle down, be protected from facing unprecedented challenges, and let opportunities come and go, Sandeep Kumar’s hunger for learning more didn’t allow him to be dormant. 

The person not only becomes a successful painter and event organizer but also proves that it’s not by luck, it’s not by chance, rather the passion, commitment, and perseverance pay him off. 

The struggle of proving oneself in front of everyone started when Sandeep Kumar found himself fond of creative fine arts, desired to be with it, and went apart from the wave of choosing common career options. 

His concentration and endurance in realistic painting arts brought him the first mile of success when he got the first prize in an international painting competition filled with competitors from 69 countries. 

Well, the achievement not only drove stronger belief but also shifted the perception of his family members that Sandeep Kumar was in the right direction. 

However, Sandeep Kumar didn’t limit himself within it, rather his broad perspective of finding other talents led him to make the foundation of RUBARU Group in 2004 in the north Indian state of Haryana.

Although the journey of RUBARU Haryana Talent Promoting Group started with competition between skilled child artists, the continuous growth drove Sandeep to conduct other contests, likely, dance and modeling. 

When he first went through the trials of organizing a Mr. and Miss Bahadurgarh, he faced disappointments. He lacked financial resources, awareness in the people about the modeling industry, and the number of viewers who could watch the real-time showdown. However, the dissatisfaction wasn’t able to take away Sandeep Kumar from heading towards triumph. 

Therefore, he wasn’t working as an organizer but he took every single responsibility on his shoulders that could be necessary to conduct a delightful event. From doing ground-level tasks such as distributing posters as a part of event marketing to financing, and event administrating, Sandeep did it all without expressing difficulties on his face. 

However, he faced a roller coaster ride in the meantime while facing both criticism and appreciation, the knowledge and expertise of event management led him to the next height of presenting internationally.

Sandeep’s foot stepped on the international ground for the first time in 2014 when he arrived in the Dominican Republic in North America and earned the award of the “Best Pageant National Director.” 

The recognition on the international stage brought fruitful outcomes one by one at Sandeep’s table. He was called to conduct events in countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and South Korea, where he earned titles alongside. 

Sandeep Kumar Best National Director Award 2014, 2015, 2018 & 2019
Sandeep Kumar Best National Director 2014, 2015, 2018 & 2019

Besides this, in 2016, Sandeep’s determination brought the beauty pageant Supermodel International to India and till now, he fantastically conducted 5 different international modeling events on India’s soil. 

In today’s time, the RUBARU Group associates with 68 countries worldwide to serve as a beauty pageant and competitive modeling organization, which are named below:

  • RUBARU Mr. India
  • RUBARU Miss India
  • RUBARU Mrs India
  • RUBARU Mr. & Miss Junior India
  • Supermodel International
  • Mister Model Indernational
  • Face of Beauty International
  • Mister Model Worldwide
  • Miss Supermodel Worldwide
  • Mister Supermodel Worldwide
  • Mrs Supermodel Worldwide
  • Mrs Tourism Worldwide
RUBARU International Beauty Pageants
RUBARU International Beauty Pageants 2016-2023

The real-life story of dedicated self-belief to overcome hurdles and share knowledge to pave the way for others is truly a rare though inspiring facet. 

Sandeep Kumar’s journey reminds me of Michel Phelps’ words, “There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.”

His story can be preserved and shared generation by generation to express how to see the dream through open eyes and give it a fleet with determined hard work.

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